Through our S.P.A.R.K. (Special Pathways for At Risk Kids) our members can engage in camps, programs, jobs, volunteer and career engagement activities to better determine the best choice for career and education after graduating from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne.
Our sponsors and partners have made a better future possible for our kids

Here are some examples of recent programming options for our members. Planning for summer 2019 begins soon.


Ivy Tech, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Culinary Camp (Middle School)
STEM Camp  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Includes rocklet building, Tie Dye T shirt, Bacteria swabbing, games, chemistry, H2O Robot Activity, 3-D printing, field activiites, microscope, food activities. Soldering actiivities. Launch a rocket.
Build Trade Camp Includes but is not limited to etching, building a squirrel feeder, masonry demonstration, aviation museum, dissasemble and reassemble a car motor and welding


University of St. Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Animation Programming: Matt Smith will be teaching a three day aninmation program at the club (4th – 7th grade)
High School Music Technology Academy. Members (Grades 9-12) will explore audio recording, film and TV sound effects, and music production all with state of the art equipment.
Healthcare Camp
Youth Art Camp
High School Summer Creative Arts Academy. Members (Grades 9-12) wills tudy visual arts, work with professional artists and develop portfolios. Pritmaking, painting, animation, photography, drawing and graphic design.


Huntington University, Huntington Indiana

Commotion in the Ocean. An on campus day camp led by students and professors for our 6-8 year old members. Our kids explore the sea world through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)
Engineering is Elementary. Our kids (9-11) will learn how to build better bridges, catapults and other engineering challenges. Discovery learning.
Summer Visit Day. A campus visit for junior and senior  members includes an overnight stay. Academic programs and financiual aid will be discussed.

Science Central
Fort Wayne, Indiana15 camp openings plus passes

Purdue University Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Entrepenuership Workshop: High school students who want to own their own business.
Superpowered Comic Book: Illustrator (Grades 7-12)
(Grades K-3)
Youth Drama (Grades 4-8)
Improv  and Advanced Improv Workshop 
(Grades 6-12)
Introduction to Puppetry (Grades 6-12)
Picture This: Photoshop for Beginners (Grades 7-12)
Drawing (Grades K-3; Grades 4-8)
Watercolor and Watercolor 3 DWorkshop (Grades 7-12)
Ballet (Ages 6-8; Ages 9-19)
Tap Dance (Ages 4-6; Ages 7-9; 10-12)
Jazz Dance (Ages 4-8; Ages 7-9; 9-12; 13-15)
3D Art, Painting (Grades K-3; Grades 4-8)
Woodwind, Piano, String, Choir. Among others is the Gene Marcus Piano Camp. An immersion in all things piano taight by Hamilton Tescarollo, professor of keyboatd studies.
Lighting Technology: How moving lights work. Using intelligent lights in the design process.
Industrial Technology: Tools and hands on applications. (Grades 9-12)
Engineering and Computer Science Robotics Working with robots.
Girls STEM Leadesrhip Exploration: Design a future city. (Grades 8-11)
Physics Exploration: 
Experiments in laser, quanutm physics, astronomy and more.
Math and Science Camp (ages 11-13) Chemistry, optics, buoyancy and more.
Engineering Technology: Working with Raspberry Pi kit. (Grades 8-9)
Computer Science Explortion: How to make a computer. (Grades 8-12)


Northeast Indiana Building Trades
Fort Wayne, Indiana


The BGCFW has announced a partnership with the Northeast Indiana Building Trades to develop career programming in the building trades.  The prgram called Project Blueprint willbegin full force wehn the new building is completed in the spring of 2019. It will include a new building trades/career area toteach members about everything from sheet metal and carpentry to bricklaying, insulating, plumbing, steam,itting, and electrical job opportunities.

School of Coding
South Bend, Indiana

Coding Camp

Other partners:

Lowes ship building
Best Buy partnering on animation camp
Soaring Hawks Rehabilitation Educational program
Parkview: Occupational therapist discusses careers in the field.
Mad Ants: Motivational talks
Allen County Public Library: Reading programs, Imagination playground blocks
Half Price Books: Reading incentives