Programs and Services

Everything we do is all about IMPACT and making a difference to young people in Fort Wayne!

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne, members have a wide variety of impactful programs to choose from every day.  Many of them are hands on, others engage members in conversation and deep thought, but most of all, they are just plain fun!

Take a look at our outcome statistics: they demonstrate the impact – and need –  of our programs.

Structured programming takes place every day at the Clubs in our three  priority outcome areas:

Academic Success

Creating a GREAT FUTURE starts with a solid education and knowing how to find opportunities.

From daily homework time during Power Hour, to small group tutoring to hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities, the Clubs offer academic enrichment programs to all of its members.

The arts are encouraged at the Clubs and members can work on creative art projects, learn a musical instrument, or express themselves through dance and theater.

And since it is never too early to think about the future, professionals talk to members of all ages about their career and our older members explore career and college opportunities, tour colleges and workplaces.

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Good Character & Leadership

Each member invests an hour each day in power hour working on academic assignments.

Kids that become CARING AND RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS are self confident enough to ‘give back’.

Club programs help youth grow into productive, caring and responsible citizens and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process.  Members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, plan community service projects, and even volunteer at the Clubs and other nonprofit organizations.

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Healthy Lifestyles

Young people that strive to reach their FULL POTENTIAL learn to make healthy choices for their bodies and their minds.

                   Members are taught to thank those who help them and share kindness with others.

Our young people are involved in programs that focus on positive behaviors that nurture their well-being, teach them how to set personal goals and choose healthy lifestyle habits.

Mentoring programs such as Smart Girls and Passport to Manhood help our members navigate social and other challenges they face every day, and encourage them to make the right choices.   Almost all members participate in physical activity during the week and learn about the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

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