Programs and Outcomes

Programs and Outcomes
From daily homework during Power Hour, to small group tutoring to hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities and high yield learning activities, the BGCFW offers academic enrichment programs to all members. Every teen member reports that they expect to graduate high school while 9 in 10 want to attend college or trade school.

Academic Success/Project Learn

Project Learn:

Power Hour
High Yield Learning Activities
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
College Career Readiness




2017 Impact Outcomes Academic Skills

Power Hour
81% say that Power Hour helps them perform better in school.
84% say that Power Hour helps them complete their homework on time.

Indiana Kids Program
68% of our members increased their reading skills by an average 70%
85% of our members increased their math skills by 37%

21st Century Community Learning Center
Improvements in skills for language, math and science improved 25%

Good Character/Leadership

Passport To Manhood builds character and leadership skills.

Club programs help youth grow into productive, caring and responsible citizens and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process.  Members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, plan community service projects, and even volunteer at the clubs and other nonprofit organizations.




2017 Impact Outcomes Character/Leadership
67% of teen members volunteer at least once each month.
64% of all members volunteer at least once each month.

Healthy Lifestyles

Smart Girls/Brilliant Women teaches young girls how to engage a healthy and positive outlook.

Our young people are involved in programs that focus on positive behaviors that nurture their well-being, teach them how to set personal goals and choose healthy lifestyle habits.

Mentoring programs such as Smart Girls/Brilliant Women and Passport to Manhood help our members navigate social and other challenges they face every day, and encourage them to make the right choices.  Almost all members participate in physical activity during the week and learn about the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.


2017 Impact Outcomes Healthy Lifestyles
Physical Activity
100% of our members engage in an hour of physical activity three times each week.

Healthy Choices
90% of our members abstain from alcohol (vs. 79% USA Youth)
100% of our members abstain from tobacco use (vs. 80% USA Youth)
94% abstain from marijuana use (vs.77% USA Youth)
90% abstain from sexual intercourse (vs. 53% USA Youth)