The Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne was started in 1989 by a small group of community leaders who felt the city needed a safe, accepting and positive place for children and teens to go after school and in the summer.
On opening day, the first Executive Director, Duane Hinshaw,  found a long line of kids waiting for the Club to open. The Club, located at 1309 Minor Street, was just 3 rooms that were used as office space during the day, and for member programs after school.

The Club has grown from under 200 members to the 2270 members we serve today. Although the number of members, staff and program choices have grown, our focus is still the same: to give our Fort Wayne youth a fun, safe and positive place to grow into happy, successful adults.
Our new 2.3 acre campus and 42,000 square foot building located at the corner of Pontiac and Fairfield Avenue will serve even more kids into the future.