Character & Leadership

BGCFW works hands-on with kids to build character.

Building character and leadership skills is best done by hands-on experience. The BGCFW teaches its members to become good, conscientious community members through participation in ‘Clubs within the Clubs’ that center around engaging, first-hand experiences.


Ambassador Club includes members of all ages that demonstrate leadership and good citizenship. The children and teens are selected to represent the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne and have the opportunity to interact with guests and speak in public. Meetings concentrate on leadership, public speaking techniques and more.

Keystone Club is a leadership development program for teens, run by the teens under the guidance of a staff member. The youth elect officers that lead the group in choosing and organizing their own community service projects. Keystone Club focuses on academic success, career preparation and community service – resulting in positive impact on its members, the Boys & Girls Club and the community.

Torch Club is a chartered, small-group leadership and service club for boys & girls ages 10 to 12. The program is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff helps them experience the characteristics of leadership and pillars of good character. When members become teens, they will have the tools needed to work as a team in Keystone Club.

Each member at BGCFW is taught to develop their unique talents.

Youth for Unity helps young people see themselves as unique and special individuals while educating them about diversity and tolerance.

Youth of the Year. Established in 1947, Youth of the Year is a Boys & Girls Clubs of America premier recognition program, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Club teens. Club members compete to earn the Youth of the Year title. The winners embody the values of leadership service, academic excellence and healthy lifestyles.