Through S.P.A.R.K. (Special Pathways for At Risk Kids) our members can engage in camps, programs, job shadowing, volunteerism and career engagement activities to better determine the best choice for careers and secondary education upon graduating from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne.

Project Blueprint Building Trades Program

The Do-It-Best building trades/partnership room at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne teaches members about STEM careers in the building trades in conjunction with the Northeast Indiana Building Trades , Fort Wayne Community Schools Career Academy. and Michael Kinder and Sons.

Project Blueprint
Project Blueprint, a program to teach members about the building trades began innthe fall of 2019 in our new Do-It-Best building trades/partnership room. A collaboration with the FWCS Career Academy has already begun. The Northeast Indiana Building Trades offer both financial and volunteer support for the program.

On Site Project Blueprint Club/Partner Program Fall/Spring 2019/2020

                                                                             Project Blueprint

First Session: Introduction and Safety: All participants were introduced to the overall program and given safety instructions.

On Hand: Zach Kessie, Michael Kinder and Sons, Kyle Gresham; Union Carpenters; Local 232 Darryl Esterline, Sheet Metal Workers Local 20, Northeast Indiana Building Trades, Kurt Beuchel, board volunteer.

                 Project Blueprint

Second Session: Architecture and Design: All participants were broken into Architecture (Building) and Design (Drawing). Using legos one group built then drew the design they envisioned. The building group had to construct (using legos) the building that had been drawn.

On Hand: Zach Kessie and Travis Becker, Michael Kinder and Sons, , Kurt Beuchel, board volunteer.

Third Session: Site Development

Carly Buchanan of Brooks Construction brought oreos, pudding, rice krispies, chocolate chips and more to show members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne how concrete is mixed. The “concrete” tasted good too.

Below girls from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne check blueprints and apshalt from Brooks Constructions’ “Lady of Asphalt”, Carly Buchanan.
They learned how fire lane markings were made as well.

Brooks Construction donated high quality hi-vis jerseys to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne.

                                            Fourth Session: Carpentry: Carpenters Local 232

Kyle Gersham of Union Carpenters 232 shows kids how to measure and mark. Project Blueprint is a year round program of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne.

Carpenters taught our young memebrs how to look at a blueprint, sharpening thick pencils, measure and mark in the Project Blueprint program on carpentry basics.

Note To Date:
We have a total number of 123 members from the 4-7th grade that have completed at least one program hour for Project Blueprint and e 33 members that completed the safety program from our teen group!  

YTD total: 156 members engaged!!!!!  

Fifth Session: TBD (Cement Mason/Plumbing)

Sixth Session: Insulation Installation: Insulators Local 41

Seventh Session: Sheet Metal Introduction: Sheet Metal Workers Local 20

The AEP Foundation presented by Indiana Michigan Power, NIPSCO, General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly, United Auto Workers 2209, Northeast Indiana Building Trades, Ivy Tech and the Northeast Indiana Contractors Alliance launched Project Blueprint in 2019 with over $200,000 in donations and hundreds of volunteer hours committed to teach the building trades to members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne.

Off Site/Other Club/Partner Activities Fall/Spring 2019/2020

Brick Pathway

Making Cakes

One Elen Design Egg

The staff from One Eleven Design show members at our Fellowship Church location how to make cakes for the family.

Janet Roe and her baker volunteers made cakes, baked them and then follwed up the next day with decorations.

Members learn to stir, portion following a recipe and prepare the pan for baking. The activity was followed with a decoration activity on the second day.

Camp and out of club education planning for summer 2019 begins soon.

Last years partners included the following



Other partners:

Planet Fitness healthy bodies and anti bullying lessons
Lowes ship building
Best Buy partnering on animation camp
Soaring Hawks Rehabilitation Educational program
Parkview: Occupational therapist discusses careers in the field.
Mad Ants: Motivational talks
Allen County Public Library: Reading programs, Imagination playground blocks
Half Price Books: Reading incentives