Blue Bucket Brigade

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The Blue Bucket Brigade is a program, friend and fund raising

Captain Mitchell McKinney, co-chair of the Blue Bucket Brigade, reviews  BGCFW member papers during a summer session

collaboration between the  BGCFW, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 14 (FOP), and Fort Wayne United (FWU) to reduce police-youth violence through understanding.  The year round efforts support Forgottten Families, Cops 4 Kids, and internal club events, among others.

Supported Programs
Passport to Manhood
Late Night Basketball Program

UAW2209/General Motors Assembly held a very successful Blue Bucket Brigade fundraiser
with great generosity from employees of the Fort Wayne Assembly plant in Roanoke.

Forgotten Families
L.I.V.E. Sessions & Forums
Smart Girls Brilliant Women
Kops 4 Kids
Choose Success Initiative
Criminal Justice Education

The Fort Wayne Komets and BGCFW celebrate a puck drop at a Blue Bucket Brigade event at the Coliseum.
Completed Events at area Walmarts
Completed Walmart Events 2019
18: Fort Wayne Komets
24:  Walmart Coldwater Road Jessica Morales Canterbury School, Fort Wayne Mad Ants Volunteers
31:  Walmart Apple Glen Fort Wayne Mad Ants Volunteers
21: Walmart Lima Road NIPSCO Volunteers
28:  Walmart Southtown Crossing  Katz, Sapper Miller Volunteers
12: Walmart Maysville Road

26: Walmart Apple Glen Katz, Sapper, Miller Volunteers
Walmart Lima Road Gator Cases /Michael Kinder and Sons Volunteers
9: GM Assembly Plant with UAW 2209 Volunteers
16: Walmart Southtown Crossing Fire Police City County Federal Credit Union Volunteers
23: Walmart Maysville Road

“Connecting our most trusted servants with our most vulnerable youth.”

“It is easier to teach young children than to fix broken men.”

More Information 

  • Joe Jordan, Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne (260-744-0998 ext. 113)
  • Debby Stellwagen, Boys & Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne (260-744-0998 ext. 110)
  • Captain Mitch McKinney, Fraternal Order of Police (260-437-8997)