Healthy Lifestyles

Growing into a productive, caring, and responsible adult means making many wise choices along the way. Club members are encouraged to think about their physical well-being every day in a number of ways. Some of the programs that emphasize Healthy Lifestyles and positive choices are listed here.


Jared Frandenberg of the Indiana State Police chats it up with club members at the kickoff to the Blue Bucket Brigade, a program of the BGCFW to build bridges and open doors to a better understanding between police and at risk youth in Fort Wayne.

Passport to Manhood mentors boys and teens towards becoming successful and responsible men. Age-appropriate groups discuss issues that include ethics, making positive decisions, substance abuse, relationships with girls, personal leadership & responsibility and much more. Activities and mentors help give these boys a positive head start in their journey to manhood.

Smart Girls is a safe, comfortable environment for girls to discuss health, social and other issues that are unique to them, and build the necessary skills to avoid unhealthy influences. Staff and community members mentor the girls to acquire and maintain positive self-concept and the confidence they need to become strong, positive members of the community.

Challenging kids with complex STEM ideas pays dividends.

SMART Moves. SMART stands for “skills mastery and resistance training” and addresses problems that include drug and alcohol abuse. Members learn facts about substance abuse and abusive behaviors, openly discuss the challenges they face, and learn strategies and skills to resist unhealthy and dangerous situations.

Triple Play is a “game plan for mind, body and soul”, designed to incorporate healthy living and active learning in every part of the Club experience. The program involves all Club members in emphasizing good nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being.




Chris Wallace, a staff member at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne, poses with members of the club after baseball practice with the Ivy Tech baseball team in the fall of 2017.



Seasonal Sports are an integral part of Club life, and range from the ACU Lady Fire Basketball team in the spring, to summer World Baseball Academy program, to Metro Youth Sports cheerleading and football teams in the fall and winter.