Facts and Figures

90% of  all BGCFW school aged members live in homes at or below the poverty line.
Nearly three in four live in single adult homes.

Academic SuccessBGCFW serves over 125,000 meals annually to disadvantaged school aged children.

Nearly 2300  BGCFW members worked on academic skills in Hour of Power and their grades improved.

88 percent of Indiana Kids participants improved reading skills by an average of 48%.

21st Century tutoring improved skills for all participants in at least one of  the key areas of: phonetic reading, phonetic spelling, primary reading and math skills.
Students receive an average of 42 hours of tutoring each school year.
94% percent of our members are at an appropriate grade level for their age.
99% percent of teen members expect to graduate high school

Character and Citizenship

Adult mentors and young members interact daily to improve self esteem.

Keystone Club has 52 members ages 14-18

Torch Club has 129 members ages 11-13

318 volunteer hours were logged by Club members this past year.

56% of all Club members volunteer at least once a month.



Healthy Lifestyles

92% of our youth engage in an hour of physical activity at least once a week.

93% of our Club members abstain from alcohol

100% of our Club members abstain from tobacco use.

86% of our Club members abstain from sexual intercourse.