Academic Success

Education is first at the Clubs since academic success is so central to our members  current and future well being.

Reading is vital to every BGCFW member.

Project Learn at the Clubs provides moments of academic enrichment and positive engagement with basic skills.  Students perform better in school when they spend their non-school hours engaged in fun, academically beneficial – activities.

Every member, every day engages in at least one hour of  homework or basic skills.

  • HYLAs (High Yield Learning Activities) such as leisure reading, writing activities and games that develop young people’s cognitive skills.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Programs are vital to our youth.  In today’s technological-driven society, more job opportunities will be in STEM related fields.  Youth should be comfortable with these sciences. Interactive, fun STEM activities include Science Club, Robotics Lego League, NASA Ignite!, themed STEM labs and much more!
  • Digital Literacy offers members time online for school work, on-line tutoring programs and learning experiences with tools like Microsoft Word and even an occasional educational video game.
    Tutoring on basic skills improves grades.

    Tutoring on basic skills improves grades.

Indiana Kids provides small-group tutoring that helps improve basic math and language arts skills, thanks to funding from the Indiana Department of Education.

21st Century Community Learning Center, a multi-year federally funded program managed by the Indiana Department of Education, allows children to receive additional help with academic skills.  The program has also allowed the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) focused educational activities, field trips and career awareness. Children participating in the program have shown increases in reading, math and language skills – and in their confidence levels!  They are also demonstrating much more interest in STEM subjects.

Th Art Club allows members opportunities for self expression.

Th Art Club allows members opportunities for self expression.

Art Club gives our young members the opportunity to express themselves through wide variety of arts and crafts.  Emphasis is put on using creativity to turn common or recycled objects into artwork.  Sculptures and art projects often incorporate history, math, the sciences or other educational elements in them.


Career & College Preparation
Members are encouraged to stay in school, graduate from high school and think about their future goals through programs that include:

  • Graduate for Mas encourages teens to stay in school, and ‘pledge’ to graduate.  A variety of initiatives help prepare middle school students for high school, and celebrate students as they are promoted or graduate from college.
  • College & Career Readiness is an exploration and mentoring program to help teens better understand their goals, aptitudes, and personal characteristics.  They research the college or career opportunities that interest them, set goals and develop strategies to achieve them. The program also allows teens to develop interviewing skills, understand how to enroll in college and to apply for a job.
  • Field trips to local colleges and workplaces give our young people exposure to what it means to pursue higher education and the responsibilities of employment. BBB